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Lotion VC100 Vitamin C z aktywna witamina C/Kolagenem i Kwasem Hialuronowym 500ml od Prostage
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Prostage Lotion VC100 Vitamin C with active Vitamin C, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

49,00 zl
Manufacturer: Natulea Type of product: Skin conditioner/ Lotion Capacity: 500ml DESCRIPTION Moisturising skin conditioner/lotion with three types of active Vitamin C, five types of hyaluronic acid and three types of collagen. It is a skin nourishing bomb that keeps the skin moisturised at the highest level for a long time. Vitamin C lightens skin discolouration, reduces the early signs of ageing, destroys free radicals and improves blood and lymph circulation in the skin. It is recommended for people who want to lighten the skin or treat dark acne marks and spots. It is suggested for people who want to relive symptoms of acne or prevent pimples and acne. Lotion is suitable for people who want to quickly brighten and regenerate their skin. The hypoallergenic penetration power is 100 times greater than that of traditional vitamin C derivatives.
How to use: Apply a large dose of skin conditioner on the washed face and press lightly onto the face with your palms. You can also soak cotton pads with skin conditioner and put it on your face as a face mask. It is also suitable for the whole body.


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