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NEW ! Zestaw pielegnacyjny (Przeciwstarzeniowy)
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NEW! Care kit (anti-aging)

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Skin care kit with the first signs of aging

Optionally, we recommend purchasing a foamer to create a thick foam.

1. Easily washable makeup removal cream COLD CREAM from PONDS 270g

Cold Cream, or Korudo Kurimu in Japanese, is a special type of makeup remover. Their goal is to resist the removal of makeup in a gentle way without unnecessarily scrubbing the skin that destroys it. It is also the first stage of the skin massage, which in Japan is an important step in skin care. In addition, thanks to the massage, we have the opportunity not only to take care of the facial muscles, but also the pores, which are well cleaned. Thanks to a special, easily washable formula, it does not leave a greasy layer.

2.Peeling with AHA BHA acids and Retinol / Coenzyme Q10 Detclear Bright and Peel from Meishoku 180ml

A rich peeling based on AHA and BHA fruit acids contains ingredients beneficial for the skin, such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Ceramides, Coenzyme Q10, Retionol and Astaxanthin.

The peeling has antiaging properties.

Aha and Bha acids gently remove the dead skin and cleanse the pores of the skin from sebum and accumulated dirt. Regular peeling helps to get rid of blackheads, acne and blemishes, and additionally gives radiance and freshness to the skin.

3.Cleaning face cream with collagen Perfect Whip Collagen in from SENKA 120g.

Facial cleansing cream with water-soluble collagen from SENKA.

Recommended for people looking for not only washing, but also moisturizing and restoring their firmness. Thanks to water-soluble collagen with fine particles, the skin becomes taut and elastic.

It also contains sericin and silk.

4.De-rejuvenating and rebuilding lotion with peptides, retinol, placenta and collagen RE-CEPT SKIN PREMIUM from ZETTOC STYLE 170ml

A bomb that repairs and repairs the skin.

Lotion containing a range of invaluable active ingredients that strongly revitalize, tighten and rebuild the skin.

-EGF paptydy - a natural ingredient thanks to which we are able to rebuild the skin, stimulates the skin to grow. Therefore, it is a natural wrinkle filler. Recommended for people with deep wrinkles, crow's feet, tear valley, nasal-labial furrow.



-nano collagen

-hyaluronic acid

The absolute number one for people looking for natural fillers, natural lifting, thickening and restoring skin glow. In addition, it adheres to the softness and moisturization of the skin.

5. Firming sheet masks with Coenzyme Q10 Turn Clear from KOSE (30 pieces)

Sheet masks with coenzyme Q10 for everyday use. They restore firmness, elasticity and help maintain strong hydration of the skin.

They contain Coenzyme Q10, a valuable ingredient that soothes and improves skin elasticity.

Thanks to this composition, the skin is taut, firm and radiant. The natural contour of the face is improved, and small wrinkles are no longer visible. The skin is fully moisturized and nourished. The masks even replace serums.

The package includes 30 sheet masks.

No alcohol, no mineral oils, no fragrance, no colourants

6. Moisturizing and anti-aging serum with Sono Mama Proteoglycan! by Rich 20ml

Moisturizing and anti-aging serum.

It contains the rump active ingredient proteoglycan, which retains water in the skin, helps in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin cells.

The serum helps in the fight against fine wrinkles, firms, protects against UV rays and external factors, retains hydration stronger than hyaluronic acid.

Recommended for people who are looking for a strong firming and revitalization of the skin along with dignified hydration.

7.HADA LABO ALFA antiaging face milk 140ml

Thanks to the rich composition of active substances such as 3 types of hyaluronic acids, which help to keep the skin moisturized. Low molecular weight collagen to help tone the skin. Elastin with a low molecular weight for firmness and smoothness of the skin and fermented soy milk extract containing isoflavones to help reduce wrinkles and soothing redness, the cream is ideal for people who want to counteract the aging process and people who already have visible signs of aging.

8. Lifting and firming cream with Coenzyme Q10 Vital Age from KOSE 40g

An unusual cream with a noble coenzyme Q10 called the elixir of youth. Intended for people who are looking for a natural skin lifting. Coenzyme Q10 is famous for its antiaging properties, it adds elasticity and density to the skin and helps to eliminate the first wrinkles. The addition of marine collagen further doubles this effect, collagen helps to make the skin more elastic. Both of these ingredients provide a natural lifting effect when used regularly.


Day and night cream