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NEW! Zestaw pielegnacyjny (Skora Tlusta)
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NEW! Care set (Oily Skin)

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The care set for oily skin is based on a deep cleansing and a light, non-clogging skin moisturizing.

Optionally, we recommend purchasing a soap frother to create a thick foam.

1.Easily washable makeup remover COLD CREAM from PONDS 270g

Cold Cream, or Korudo Kurimu in Japanese, is a special type of makeup remover. Their goal is to resist the removal of makeup in a gentle way without unnecessarily scrubbing the skin that destroys it. It is also the first stage of the skin massage, which in Japan is an important step in skin care. In addition, thanks to the massage, we have the opportunity not only to take care of the facial muscles, but also the pores, which are well cleaned. Thanks to a special, easily washable formula, it does not leave a greasy layer.

It is a great alternative to a makeup remover or oil.

2.Detclear Peeling with AHA and BHA acids 180ml

Peeling gel with AHA and BHA fruit acids. It cleanses the skin of callous epidermis, improves skin tone and cleans pores.

3. Gel for cleansing pores from BIORE 150g (please use this gel once a week)


Special non-foaming gel for cleaning pores. Its strong action thoroughly cleans clogged pores. Effects visible after the first application. Thanks to the gel, non-foaming consistency, it thoroughly penetrates the pores and washes them.

4. Face wash cream with volcanic ash from the Sakura Jima volcano 130g

An unusual face wash cream made of volcanic ash from the famous Sakura Jima, a volcano located in the Kagoshima Prefecture in the south of the country. This remarkable local product is aimed at deep cleansing of blackhead and problematic skin along with protection of its delicate lipid layer.

Perfectly cleans pores and a well-foamed product, and the ash contained in it perfectly splashes dirt and sebum from the pores of the skin.

The content of rosemary oil and shea butter perfectly protects the skin from excessive drying.

Recommended for people who struggle with blackheads, wounds and want to reduce the visibility of pores.

Free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors and colorants

5.Odzywka / Face Lotion from Kasha Jeczienna / Hato Mugi from CEZANNE500ml

Facial conditioner with barley extract intended for all skin types. It improves its hydration and color, it is a great foundation for gels and creams. The conditioner is watery, so it is light and does not clog. Prepares the skin for the next skin care step (serum / cream etc). You should put it on by tapping it in the face. It contains collagen, hyaluronic acid that keep the skin moist and the addition of AHA acids that regulate its colors.

6.Masks in a sheet in capsules of 35 pieces

35 sheet masks compressed into small capsules. Perfect for making your own pack / mask using your favorite lotion.

7. Deeply moisturizing face cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides from UTENA 100g

Odorless, colorless, without mineral oils

All In One cream, i.e. it contains the power of all Japanese care, from lotion, through serum, to the closing cream.

The cream is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, which maintains deep hydration of the skin, thanks to which the skin is soft, moisturized and elastic throughout the day. It contains natural ceramides and amino acids that rebuild and protect the skin. Contains the addition of jojoba oil.

The cream is in the form of a light gel. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling. Suitable as a day cream under make-up as well as a night cream.