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How to choose the right Japanese care for your skin

In this post you will learn how to quickly and effectively choose a Japanese beauty care and with what attitude to approach it.

Skin care is an indispensable part of Japanese culture cultivated for centuries. It is very different from skin care in Poland.

Japanese care focuses on two factors: providing a large amount of active ingredients to help the skin work better and providing plenty of hydration.

The first thing you need to do before you define your skin type and start looking for products is to familiarize yourself with the active ingredients. You don't have to study the full articles, come on to brag about it. However, it is enough for you to remember only a few of the main abilities of a given active ingredient.

The most common active ingredients in Japanese cosmetics are:

Hyaluronic Acid / Hyaluron - keeps the skin moisturized and maintains it. You will find two types: multi-molecule, which forms a protective barrier on the skin, and low-molecular, which penetrates the epidermis and fills the cavities and moisturizes the skin.

Collagen - helps restore skin firmness and increases skin hydration

Amino acids - soften the skin, make it more elastic

Ceramides - They help in the process of rebuilding the epidermis and build a protective barrier on the skin, which protects the skin against external factors such as UV radiation, dust, dry air. They improve skin hydration.

Vitamin C - a natural antioxidant kills free radicals, brightens discoloration and skin tone, shrinks blood vessels, anti-acne effect

Placenta - help in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the cells, increases the content of collagen in the body, a natural antioxidant thanks to the content of numerous vitamins.

Coenzyme Q10 - improvement of skin elasticity, protective epidermis, fighting free radicals, oxygenation of skin cells, elimination of wrinkles

Elastin - prevents wrinkles, makes the skin firmer, which prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, protects against external factors such as UV priming and chemicals in makeup cosmetics, protects the skin against water loss.

Retinol - this is one of the forms of vitamin A, it eliminates acne, reduces wrinkles, regulates collagen synthesis in the cells.

Of course, there are even more ingredients such as Vitamin A, E, peptides, etc., just type in Uncle Google and see how they work.

After that it's time to determine your skin type, I think you already know about it.

#Then define your goals and what you want to achieve.

Often it is so that the text of the type of Pretty Skin is said here, only what is a pretty skin for you and what problems your skin has to overcome in order for that Pretty Skin to appear. If you have acne, you probably want to get rid of acne and its scars. If your skin is showing little dry lichen, you probably want it to be more moisturized. Defining goals is important and necessary because it allows you to focus on choosing the right active ingredient.

# The next step is to choose the active ingredients and try to find the right cosmetics.

What should the day and evening routine look like?


(from left to right)

1. Oil / liquid for makeup remover

2. Face wash cream / gel always well foamed

3.Keshosui or Lotion plus pakku or mask in a sheet

4. Serum

5. Moisturizing milk (optional)

6. Closing cream

7. Face massage (hand or massager)


1. Face wash cream / gel always well foamed

2.Keshosui or Lotion plus pakku or mask in a sheet

3. Serum

4) Moisturizing milk (optional)

5. Sun cream


Knowing the order of care, which in experienced veterans often changes because the knowledge and knowledge of your own skin allows you to use cosmetics and choose the routine to the current needs of the skin.

You, as a novice, first use the sabers used above to determine the order and know which cosmetics to look for.

After you have determined what you want to achieve with your skin and what problems to eliminate, look at the list of active ingredients and choose those that meet your requirements. Then look at the care order list (picture) and start looking in our store for the cosmetics that will be right for you.

If you are still getting lost and you are not sure, as a hint you can use sets for each type of leather that we have created on our store link below

Japanese care requires developing a routine / habit. It is best for you to prepare a care station, i.e. a special box or a toilet in the bathroom, which will be at your fingertips, you can put your cosmetics there, it will make your routine easier, because keeping them in the lower or upper cabinets requires you to constantly take them out and put them in it's gonna be bad for your motivation.

That is why I recommend a special separate box that will always be at your fingertips.

Don't forget about supplementation
The truth is that when focusing on face care, we only think about cosmetics that affect the stratum corneum, in order to have a healthy and beautiful skin, you need two more factors of supplementation and massages. First, let's focus on vitamin supplementation. Supplements are often associated with a very large expense, especially in Japan, beauty supplements such as drinking collagen, placenta in capsules, hyaluronic acid, etc. are really expensive and for the Japanese themselves. However, vitamin supplementation does not have to be expensive enough for you to regularly take vitamin complexes, and it not only improves the condition of your health and body, but also naturally improves the appearance of your skin and hair. Probably the cheapest and easiest to supplement is the queen of vitamins, i.e. Vitamin C, which has a number of miraculous applications to rejuvenate, elasticize, tighten, improve color, reduce swelling and blood vessels, heal acne, etc. Even if you can't afford super expensive supplements, it's worth taking a good dose of vitamin C and your skin will be much more beautiful with regular supplementation.

The key to beautiful skin is massage
As I mentioned above, the second aspect and the key to a beautiful complexion are not only cosmetics rich in active ingredients, and something that many Westerners forget. Massages, because the face is also a group of muscles, which with age begins to flab, moreover, the lymph that accumulates in the face causes the face to be swollen, lacking life. This linfe should be, colloquially speaking, push on. Massage not only firms the muscles, but also improves the circulation of lymph and blood. The blood circulation in the face improves, which results in better work of the cells, and thus a more beautiful complexion. Massages allow you to get rid of even the advanced signs of aging and act as a free facelift.

For massages, we can use special massagers (they are available in our offer), or simply our own, previously washed hands. Remember that we massage from bottom to top when it comes to the face. You can massage with open hands, or bent hands and massage with ankles.

Massage is really the most important part of the whole routine because thanks to it our muscles and skin work better, cosmetics and supplements are only supportive supplements. It is important that the skin is well moisturized, i.e. you can massage it at the end of the treatment while applying the closing cream.

How much to massage?

It is known that routine often matches, but it is better to massage sometimes a good minute or two than at all.

- CULTURAL CLAK - when getting to know a new country and its culture, even the nursing culture should have an open mind and learn new things.

-PRODUCT BLAME - it is often the case that consumers place their hopes on a product, and after using it, when it turns out that, for example, they have an allergy to this product, or expect other effects, they blame it. This is not the fault of the product because every leather is different and even the world's best sellers may not suit someone. Perfect cosmetics are sought for months and even years. The fact that this product has failed for you does not mean that it is bad.

- STOP WANTED - giving up looking for the right products, especially in people with scars, is a frequent case. however, that you should have the mindset to look for this golden game for yourself.

LISTENING BEAUTY Gossip - the world of beauty is a world of gossip, and this product is good, and the bad one, we follow the opinions even beforehand without checking whether the product will be good or bad for us. Be the whole collagen situation and not using collagen products. I fell into such a trap myself and for several years I avoided such products as I made a big mistake. Because when I bought such a cream with collagen and started using other cosmetics with nik, it turned out that my skin simply loves it and I achieve the goals that I planned in my care with it. This is a good lesson for the future to check on yourself first.

- NO MASSAGE - no massage is the biggest sin, as I mentioned above, massage is primarily stimulating the muscles and skin, massage gives an amazing effect in a very short time.

-THINKING ABOUT COSMETICS - AGE CATEGORY - this is a common mistake in the West. Girls often think that when they start using cosmetics, the so-called intended for mature skin, their skin will sag faster, or they will get used to this active ingredient. Dear young girls, the skin is not the same. there are women over 40 who, apart from good hyaluron, need nothing. There are also 18-year-olds or 20-year-olds who need to work on their skin firmness. The skin is an individual creation, if you see any furrows, first wrinkles or if your skin seems to be lifelessly hanging, no matter how old you are, you need active ingredients that are visibly lacking. The truth is that these pushers The antiaging ingredients are produced by our body naturally from the day we are born, this is not just something for men over 50. The skin will also not get used to it, because the stratum corneum, i.e. where we use cosmetics, firstly has a cycle of formation and dying, and secondly, the skin will take as many ingredients as it needs something like a flower, a potted flower that drinks excess water at its own pace later with coasters. It is not cosmetics that dictate age and who can use them, but the individual needs of each person.

-SLEPE PASSING BEHIND TREDAMES- sometimes it is salutary, and sometimes not. In the world of cosmetics, following tredami can be deceptive because we praise the product, and what if the product is not at all suitable for your skin. Sometimes it's worth forgetting this word bestseller and focusing on the cool and logical purpose and need of your skin.

That was enough for getting started, we hope this post will help you complete your kit and understand the Japanese face care philosophy.