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Podrecznik do japonskiego dla poczatkujacych (Nihongo Fun and Easy) z CD
A Japanese textbook for beginners (Nihongo Fun and Easy) on CD
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A Japanese textbook for beginners (Nihongo Fun and Easy) on CD

137,00 zl

A textbook designed for everyone who is starting to learn Japanese on their own. He explains basic grammar rules and vocabulary in an accessible and simple way. Aimed at people who want to learn the basics in a short time to speak Japanese. A CD is attached to the book, thanks to which you will learn the correct pronunciation, key, etc.

The textbook focuses on the development of listening, understanding and speaking skills.

204 pages

ISBN : 978-4-87217-721-3

Table of Contents:

Unit 1 I am John.

Introducing yourself 自己 紹 介

UNIT 2 Is there an ATM around here?

Asking for directions 場所を尋ねる

Unit 3 How much is this?

Shopping 買い物

UNIT4 Take out, please.

Convenience stores and restaurants コンビニ・レストラン

Unit 5 Can I pay by credit card?

Asking permission 許可を得る

Unit 6 Please wait a moment

Making requests 依頼する

Unit 7 Does this (train) go to Yokohama?

Transportation 交通

Unit 8 I'm going to an art museum.

Talking about plans and activities 予定や行動について話す

Unit 9 How do you like living in Japan?

Talking about impressions 感想を言う

Unit 10 What does that taste like?

Eating 食事

Unit 11 It's nice weather today, isn't it?

Socializing 1 - Making small talk 世間話をする

UNIT 12 Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Socializing 2 - Invitations 誘う